19. [OPTIONAL] MX Chip Relocation

Written By: noah

  • Difficulty
  • Hard
  • Estimated Completion Time
  • 35 minutes
  • Steps
  • 5

Step 1 Preparation

The MX relocation will restore RTC (real-time clock) functionality to your G-Boy for use in titles such as Animal Crossing along with displaying the correct date on the saves that utilize this feature.

  • Grab the MX section of the board we trimmed off earlier in the "Wii Basic Trimming Guide" manual.
  • Solder a wire for the coin cell to TP118 on the back of the board cutout.

Step 2 Mounting the MX

  • Use a small drop of hot glue to mount the MX section as shown. We'll be attaching it here so that it does not hit on anything when we go to close the G-Boy.
  • Once it's mounted, we'll need to connect the 4 3.3V pins on the chip as shown. We've used 34 AWG magnet wire in this instance.

Step 3 Wiring Power and Data

We'll need to wire 3.3V and GND to somewhere on the Wii board.

  • Using 30 AWG wrapping wire, solder 3.3V and GND between the MX chip and the Wii motherboard as shown.
  • Using 34 AWG magnet wire, solder the 4 MX chip data pins to their respective vias on the Wii using these diagrams:

Step 4 Mounting and Wiring Up the Battery

Check the voltage of the battery that was inside of your Wii. As long as it's right near 3V you can use it. If not find any coin cell that's 3V and use that in its place.

  • Scratch both sides of the cell using a razor blade or craft knife.
  • Tin both sides where you scratched as the solder will have an easier time sticking in these areas.
  • Solder the wire we attached earlier to the underside of the MX chip to the positive side of the battery.
  • Grab another strand of 30 AWG wire and solder it to the negative terminal, and solder it onto the MX section as shown in the provided image.

Step 5 Testing the Relocation

Boot into the included "CheckMX" homebrew app. If the MX state reads 1, then congratulations, your MX relocation is successful! If not then follow some of the troubleshooting tips down below to help diagnose the issue.