1. Preface

Written By: noah

  • Difficulty
  • Easy
  • Estimated Completion Time
  • 5 minutes
  • Steps
  • 2

Step 1 Required Hardware

There are a few things needed in addition to a Wii itself in order to trim it. Make sure you have the following before cotinuing with the guide:

  • A rotary tool with a diamond cutting disc such as a Dremel
  • A phillips head screw driver
  • A triwing screw driver
  • A USB drive compatible with Wii homebrew
  • A SD card 4GB in size or smaller

You will also need regulators and a display to test your trim once it's complete.

Step 2 A Word on Safety

The rotary tool required for trimming can be quite dangerous. The Wii motherboard itself is made of fiberglass and copper as well as other components, so it's best to ensure that you're well protected before you trim.

Ensure you have proper eye covering before trimming. Small metal fragments can fly around while trimming, so it's important to protect your eyes.

Gloves should also be worn to protect your hands.

If you've never used a rotary tool before, make sure to work under the supervision of someone who has.