17. Tidying the Wiring

Written By: noah

  • Difficulty
  • Easy
  • Estimated Completion Time
  • 10 minutes
  • Steps
  • 1

Step 1 Using wire ties

Using the 30 AWG wrapping wire we used to solder many parts of the G-Boy we can cut small sections and use it to neatly tie our wiring together.

  • Cut a small section of 30 AWG wire.
  • Loop it around all the wiring you want to tie together and then make a knot using the wire.
  • We recommend making a tie around the wiring going between the two G-Boy housing halves, as well as one around the shoulder button wires if they aren't pulled tightly enough. 
  • It's also optional but you can use 34 AWG magnet wire to tie together the VGA and audio wiring as well. See the VGA and Audio Wiring sections for more pictures.